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Buchanan House & Pride Weekend (Buchanan House Love Stories 1) by Charley Descoteaux at CeeTwo Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 12-February-2020

Book Blurb

Eric Allen and his bestie buy a neglected hotel on the scenic Oregon coast to fulfill their middle-school dreams of co-owning a B&B. The building is in decent shape but in order to turn Buchanan House into the gay resort of their dreams, it's going to need work.

Tim Tate is a skilled carpenter with many hidden talents, and a body that could grace the pages of a fitness magazine. When he and Eric meet, it's mutual lust at first sight. Despite the intense attraction, both men are hesitant to fully out themselves by acting on it. But when they give in, it’s obvious that they’ve found something special—and not only in bed.

Before Eric can be free to love the gorgeous handyman they have to make it through the July4th grand opening. With rain that won't stop and a meddling brother intent on wreaking havoc, can the holiday still go off with a bang?

Pride Weekend: 
Overworked cubicle jockey Adam Byron wants to attend Oregon Coast Pride in style but the price of a room at Buchanan House, a popular gay retreat on the central coast, is beyond his budget. So he won’t miss out, he advertises online for someone to share expenses. Corporate drone Silas Grant responds to Adam’s ad, and the two get to know each other via texts before meeting at the coast. They agree on a no-pressure roommate arrangement, yet once they meet face-to-face their attraction is undeniable. Desire might simmer well beyond Pride weekend, no matter how hard Adam and Silas try to live up to their noncommitment pact.

First edition of 'Buchanan House (Buchanan House 1)' published by Dreamspinner Press, August 2015.

First edition of 'Pride Weekend (Buchanan House 2)' published by Dreamspinner Press, April 2016.

Book Review

There is something comforting about a B&B. I think part of it is the feeling of staying in someone’s home, the personal touch, that is especially valuable in times of chain hotels and mass tourism. Part of it may be the usually idyllic locations these places can be found in. The B&B in this novella has both of those, plus it’s a historic building that may be in need of a few repairs at the beginning of the story, but its core is sound. Getting it up and running also happens to be exactly what Eric needs after his grandmother dies and leaves him bereft. Eric is a line cook, Nathan has the flair to be a host, and together they embark on the adventure of making their dream come true. ‘Buchanan House’ is a story of loss and finding a new purpose, a tale about the true meaning of family, and a look at the power of love and new beginnings.

Eric lost most of his so-called liberal biological family when he was thirteen and came out to them. He was lucky to have his grandmother take him in and raise him as her son, but when she dies years later, he comes close to losing himself in one drink too many. She was his only “real” family, and if it weren’t for his best friend, Nathan, Eric might not have recovered. Instead, Nathan gives him something to focus on by reviving an idea they had in middle school: run a B&B together. Eric isn’t too sure he can do it, but he wants it enough that, despite all the obstacles, he keeps trying.

Tim is one of the local handymen, the first one who picks up the phone when Eric starts making calls, and looks more like a superhero than a talented handyman. He has a few issues of his own, but a family who rejected him is not one of them. He doesn’t open up quickly or easily, but when he does – he turns out to be one of the nicest guys Eric has ever met. Their romance develops slowly, and  oved to see them take their time.

Nathan is flamboyant, a great best friend, and not issueless himself. I am relieved to see he will be getting his own story, ‘Tiny House’, because I suspect he has even more hidden depths than the ones emerging in this book. There is a whole slew of fantastic secondary characters who stole my heart, and because they are all so real, they helped make the whole story come even more alive. I hope to see all of them again in further installments in this series.

If you like stories about somewhat risky business ventures undertaken by men who don’t quite know what they’re getting themselves into, if you want to see a grieving man with self-confidence issues grow and change as he deals with a somewhat risky venture, and if you’re looking for a read that is full of charming details, touching emotions, and wonderful characters, then you will probably like this novella.

Pride Weekend:

Buchanan House is a great venture – a fictional B&B on the Oregon Coast, set up for the LGTBQ+ crowd, and run by best friends Eric and Nathan. I loved the first book and all its characters, so what could be better than returning to these guys to see what they’re up to? Not only that, but ‘Pride Weekend’ is about two men who visit the beachfront hotel expecting a great weekend, but never having met in real life. The idea of sharing a room for cost reasons, no strings attached, sounds like a great excuse, right? Except for these two, both focused on their careers and somewhat lacking in the social skills area, it is possibly the only way they will ever be able/willing to do a hookup. Fun and games are bound to follow!

Adam and Silas are probably equally attracted to each other, but Silas is the one who decides to “go on the hunt”. With Adam being as shy as he is that is probably a good thing, or else nothing might have happened. Instead, they go from hot to hotter. They pretty much forget about all of the Pride events and parties taking place, and spend the weekend mostly in their room in an almost drunken state as they explore each other’s bodies. As fun (and exhausting) as their physical encounters are, and as much as they both secretly want more – never mind the no strings agreement – they end up going their separate ways on Sunday. At which point I went “What?!?” and, to my relief, noticed there was still a good half of the story left. And what a half it turned out to be!

If you like stories about men who think they want no attachments only to discover that, with the right guy, it might not be such a bad thing, if two office workers deciding their careers may not be their only priority any longer sound intriguing, and if you’re looking for a read that is fun, very hot, and has a beautiful happy ending, then you will probably like this short story.





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