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Danny Doormat by Rowan McAllister at Dreamspinner Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Barb on 30-June-2020

Book Blurb

It’s time to wipe his feet of the idea that he’s not good enough to be loved.

Danny Dorfmann is dependable, no matter what’s going on in his own life. So when widower Asa needs a sitter for his dog, Minion, Danny is the natural choice. Besides, Danny’s had a crush on Asa—a hot architect who’s way out of his league—for years.

Asa is just climbing out of his grief over the loss of his husband and trying to reclaim his life. Love and dating aren’t on his radar, but as one favor turns into another and he spends more time with Danny, romance sneaks up on them.

Friendly adventures gradually turn into something deeper, but a manipulative roommate and interfering family and friends want to douse the slow burn building between Danny and Asa. To keep the chances of a happily ever after going, Danny will have to take a stand—and to hold on to the man of his dreams, he’ll have to stop letting everybody walk all over him.


Book Review

If there were a way to reach through a book, grab a character, and take him home with me, I would do that with Danny Dorfmann, a sweetheart who is kind, caring, a hard worker, estranged from his family (mostly due to their opinions on how he should run his life), and a guy who can’t seem to catch a break.

And if I had to pick someone who could love Danny as much as Danny needs to be loved, I’d pick Asa, a twenty-nine-year-old widower who was married to one of Danny’s brother’s best friends. Through his brother, Derek, Danny knows the whole group of friends, and so when one calls to ask him to do Asa a favor, he jumps at the chance to help. The favor is taking care of Asa’s dog, Minion, while Asa is out of town. Danny, who’s often called Danny Doormat due to his inability to say no to someone in need, gladly takes on the work and then helps further when Asa is tied down in an overtime project for his architectural firm. Throughout these times, Asa begins to see Danny in a new light, and he realizes the now twenty-four-year-old is not the kid he once was. He values Danny for his independence, his kind heart, and his passion for all he does. And Asa starts to realize he’s coming out of the grief of losing his husband two years before, because the feelings he has for Danny are starting to be more than friendly.

The author used several different circumstances to bring the men together, all of which are believable. I like the way the author first developed the characters separately, then infused them with qualities that made them endearing, and finally brought them together. They certainly had plenty of hurdles and mishaps along the way. Danny’s family, principally his brother Derek, and Asa’s friends, principally Lane, make their journey difficult with multiple emotional roadblocks. Danny’s roommate, who on a good day was less than friendly, provides a good contrast and a nasty surprise. After all the hurdles, when Danny realizes he’s found something to really fight for—his love for Asa—his strength shines.

Days after reading this story, I still want to visit with these men. In fact, I may just go back and do a quick reread so I can wallow in the happy feels this story generated.  I highly recommend this to lovers of contemporary MM romance.   





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 236 pages/86750 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 30-June-2020
Price $6.99 ebook, $14.99 paperback
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